SEO & Lead Generation for Manchester Business Websites

SEO & Lead Generation for Manchester Business Websites – Lead generation websites are ideally suited to the small local business owners as it doesn’t require selling any products online, and doesn’t take an immense amount of time like other forms of online marketing do.

It is based on generating online leads through targeted Internet marketing tactics and then turning those leads into new customers. The strategy is to get leads online and monetize offline. Lead generation websites cost next to nothing to create and business owners don’t have to continually be adding or changing the content displayed on them. There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
Build a Business on Internet Search
More and more people are using search engines like Google to find local services and products. And a lead generation website provides an opportunity to capitalize on this trend that’s not going to slow down any time soon.
When was the last time you looked through the Yellow Pages for a commercial cleaning company, wedding venue, Lasik eye surgery clinic or hydroponic garden systems in your local area? Local search is the fastest growing element of Internet search as more and more people are turning to Google to find instant answers. How often do you hear “I just Googled it”? Local search are terms such as “Seattle driving schools”, “Sydney boat hire”, “Boston wedding venues” and “Manchester widget makers”.
With so many people Googling search terms every single day, the search engine handles a massive amount of queries. Every second, Google receives 40,000 search queries and delivers relevant results back to the user. This means that every single day, Google receives 3.5 billion searches for a total of 1.2 trillion searches per year throughout the entire world.
The statistics for local search is even more impressive. Of all searches made, 50% of them are made on a mobile device and one-third of those are local searches. Local searches don’t always have to include the name of the location in the search query either. 50% of local searches made on mobile devices include the terms “near me” or “close by”. This will be the trend for the foreseeable future as people are turning to search engines to find local products and services. This translates into an unbelievable opportunity for business owners who can capitalize on this trend.


When using local search, business owners don’t have to sell physical or digital products on the Internet. They simply have to provide a way for customers to find them and their product.
Online Trends
There is a wide range of marketing research reports that document the growth and opportunities in local search. Below is a short summary:
 50% of consumers that perform a local search on their smartphone visit a store within that same day. The same is true for 34% of customers that perform a search on their computer or tablet (Hubspot)
 78% of local searches result in offline searches (Media Genesis)
 46% of all searches made on Google are local
 60% of American adults use their smartphones and/or tablets when searching online for information on local products and services (Local Search Association)
 Consumers even want local search results customized. 67% of smartphone users stated they wanted their searches customized to their city or zip code while 72% of computer and tablet users said the same. Meanwhile, 61% of smartphone users wanted searches customized to their immediate surroundings and 70% of computer or tablet users would also like local searches to be customized to their surroundings. (Google)
 When using local listings, 68% of consumers were to found to have used the ‘get directions’ or ‘call’ buttons within a mobile ad (CH Consulting Group)
 86% of users look up the location of a business using Google Maps (Chat Meter)
Local search, and as a result, local lead generation is often overlooked.

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